Life is a journey. Joy is a choice. Enjoy your journey. In Joy.

© Lynne Ashe, 2012

“Lynne Ashe makes a wonderful Madge, with a crusty exterior and an inside as gooey as melted cheese.”, 10/01/14 — Philadelphia Here I Come by Brian Friel — Arís Theatre, Atlanta

“You are a pleasure to watch — authentic and grounded.”

Actress Frances Fisher, via Twitter

“Tender, charmingly quirky, touching portrayal of “Aunt Clara.”

Becky Rodgers Boyette, Author of Texas Rein (the book) at the premiere screening of Texas Rein (the film) 10/07/15

“Lynne Ashe digs so deeply under the skin of Mag that you forget she’s acting. That’s the highest compliment one can pay a performer, and the greatest gift a performer can give an audience.”

Wendell Brock, Atlanta Journal Constitution 9/12/03 — The Beauty Queen of Leenane by Martin McDonough — Theatre Gael, Atlanta

“I would seriously love to see a sitcom created for her character. She’s that funny!”

Susan Williams The Laughing Cabin Blog 4/24/15, Film Review of Crackerjack

“The performances of Lynne Ashe and Kyle Brumley are the main reasons to see this show. They both imbue their characters with heart and intensity, etching memorable, pitch-perfect portrayals of people with unfulfilled longings.”, 10/01/14 — Philadelphia Here I Come by Brian Friel — Arís Theatre, Atlanta

“You should keep Lynne Ashe on your radar. She’s amazeballs!”

Actress Tatom Pender, via Twitter

“Lynne Ashe is one of the select few multi-tasking character actors who can truly do it all!”

Lee Valentine Smith, Arts and Entertainment Journalist — Twitter @leevsmith